Colorado Volunteer Spotlight: Dennis Fitzpatrick

Name:  Dennis Fitzpatrick

Volunteer role(s):  Data Entry

Years active with the Alzheimer’s Association:  16

Professional background:  Retired, telecommunications company

Dennis photo

Why I volunteer:  I am blessed to be retired and in excellent health.  I bicycle frequently for exercise and to enjoy the outdoors.  My wife and I enjoy travelling.  We especially enjoy spending time with our three young grandsons.  But bicycling, travelling, and spending time with family still leaves me with free time during the week.  In looking for productive use for my time, I found the Alzheimer’s Association where I very much support the work of the organization and where I think highly of the staff and other volunteers.

My favorite moment/experience as an Alzheimer’s volunteer:  I am struck by the artistic talent which the Memories in the Making program unlocks in the minds of people with dementia.

How what I do makes a difference:  The data entry work I do is needed to provide detailed information for a grant, which provides significant funding to the Alzheimer’s Association.

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