Thanks to golfers Fore the Memories

DSC_2040No one understands the challenges of caring for the 71,000 Coloradans living with dementia better than two veteran memory care industry professionals who happen to be long-time friends. When they get together, the results are golden – in the form of substantial monies raised in the effort to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

John Bachofer, director of Community Relations for the soon-to-open MorningStar Senior Living of Arvada, and Bob Gossett, executive director of SAFE HOMECARE, recently pooled their talents and created a popular new fundraising event for the Colorado Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

The pair’s Fore the Memories golf fundraiser attracted 138 paid participants and generated a net $10,500 donation to the Colorado Chapter to support ongoing programs and services as well as research for a cure.

The seeds for the event were planted late in 2017 when Bachofer reached out to Gossett, who had organized golf fundraisers for the Association in the past, but never on the scale of Fore the Memories.

“I knew we needed to do something to celebrate the Longest Day and wanted to do a golf event, so I gave Bob a call and we agreed to partner,” said Bachofer.

While neither Bachofer nor Gossett have a family connection to Alzheimer’s disease, both have worked in the industry for more than a decade, giving them strong links to their industry peers. Because of their connections, the event was heavily attended by memory care industry professionals.

“I was trying to find an event that could be universally embraced by the community,” said Gossett. “Being in Colorado, people like to be outdoors.”

Both Gossett and Bachofer are also well-known and highly regarded in the Alzheimer’s community.

“I’ve personally known both John and Bob for more than a decade,” said Amelia Schafer, executive director of the Colorado Chapter. “They are active and outspoken supporters of ours, and events like Fore the Memories are just one more extension of how they help our mutual cause.”

At Bachofer’s urging, MorningStar of Arvada invested in the event to support marketing and organizing.

And the Fore the Memories event enabled Gossett to revive and expand upon a fundraising formula he has been perfecting for years. This was the ninth golf tournament he has organized for the Alzheimer’s Association since 2009, which he estimates have collectively raised nearly $40,000.

Already, the pair are looking ahead to June of 2019 for an even bigger and better Second Annual Fore the Memories.

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