Family history motivates these Alzheimer’s volunteers


Alzheimer’s disease makes a deep impression on those it touches. The Bowen Team members at Guild Mortgage understand that very clearly, and that’s what motivates them to raise funds for the Denver Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

Lead mortgage processor Andy Buchanan carries his beloved grandfather’s name, Carl, as his middle name. Andy got to know and love his grandfather before Alzheimer’s disease took its toll. And he recalls his mother driving 150 miles each and every weekend to care for her dad.

Marriage brought Andy more reminders of the devastation of dementia. He got to know both of his wife’s grandmothers before Alzheimer’s claimed them, causing both Andy and his wife to wonder about their medical futures.

In addition, Andy’s neighbor is currently living with Alzheimer’s, and his neighbor’s wife recently moved him to an assisted living facility to help ensure his safety.

“This is what drives me to raise as much money as I can,” said Andy. “My hope is that year after year, I can raise more and more funds and awareness for this great cause.”

Coworker Chuck Griffin, production manager at Guild Mortgage, also lost his grandfather to Alzheimer’s. He had served as an Army physician before the disease claimed him.

And team leader Mike Bowen, branch manager and mortgage banker, saw his father-in-law receive a dementia diagnosis two years ago. He’s observed the symptoms progress from slight memory loss to losing the ability to communicate effectively and difficulty in walking.

“I’ve witnessed a man struggling to hold onto his independence and, more importantly, his dignity,” said Mike. “This, to me, is the saddest and most impactful part of this disease.”

For these and other reasons, the Bowen Team is striving to be among the most successful teams for the Denver Walk to End Alzheimer’s, with a minimum goal of $5,000. In addition to their individual fundraising, Bowen is donating $25 per loan closed during their third quarter, and is encouraging all real estate agents who work with them to join their Walk team as well.

To join or support the Bowen Team, click here.

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