Volunteer Spotlight: Sabrina Tunoa

sabrina tunoa

Name:  Sabrina Tunoa

Volunteer Role(s): MIM volunteer; event volunteer; working to become a support group facilitator

Years Active with the Alzheimer’s Association: <1

Professional Background: Administration; management; bookkeeper; and on track to graduate with my BA in psychology, minoring in gerontology from UCCS

Why I Volunteer: My grandfather was diagnosed with dementia and passed away in 2013. I was grief-stricken for many months as he was one of my absolute favorite people. I felt an extreme responsibility to become a helper to others, whether they are the affected or the loved ones.

My Favorite Moment/Experience as an Alzheimer’s volunteer: I volunteered during the Walk to End Alzheimer’s and met a woman who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and in the early stages. I had an emotional reaction, as did she, and I asked her if I could give her a hug. It was a beautiful, touching moment that I will never forget.

How I Make a Difference: I volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association and am receiving education in line with my passion of helping those affected with dementia. I am excited for my future in this field!

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