Farewell to a Colorado Alzheimer’s pioneer

DeeAnn Groves became an Alzheimer’s caregiver out of necessity, but she remained one for decades out of compassion for those whose loved ones lived with the incurable disease.

For nearly 40 years, DeeAnn devoted her time, energy and resources to caring for those affected by Alzheimer’s. While caring for her own mother who was living with the disease, DeeAnn started Senior Resource Services in Greeley, which later evolved into the Northeastern Colorado office of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Over the years, DeeAnn established support groups for Alzheimer’s caregivers, adult children of dying parents, and Parkinson’s disease. In fact, she was active as an Alzheimer’s support group leader even in the week preceding her death in February of 2019 at age 85.

“I knew DeeAnn from the very beginning of my work with the Association in 1989,” said Linda Mitchell, longtime president and CEO of the Colorado Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. “When our chapter started to expand statewide, she was very supportive of our first office and staff in Greeley.”

Mitchell, who served the Association for more than 25 years before her retirement at the end of 2016, credited DeeAnn for helping educate her about the needs of Alzheimer’s families.

“There could be no better Alzheimer’s advocate than DeeAnn,” said Mitchell. “She remained a tireless volunteer and advocate for the Alzheimer’s cause to the very end.”

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